August 11, 2020

Yoga is a great form of exercise that increases flexibility, reduces injury, and is great for reducing stress. But a lot of people are turned off by the spiritual aspect of yoga. So if you are one of those people, we have compiled a list of 9 online yoga resources that have minimal spirituality (or woo-woo). 

Table of Contents1#1 Yoga with Tim2#2 Sean Vigue Fitness3#3 Yoga for BJJ4#4 ROMWOD5#5 Dylan Werner Yoga6#6 DoYogaWithMe 7#7 DDP Yoga8#8 Man Flow Yoga 9#9 Yoga with Adriene 

The table below gives some details on the online resource and you can read more about each resource below.

Yoga Resource



Yoga With Tim


Sean Vigue Fitness



Yoga for BJJ

Youtube / Website

Freemium ($21.99/mo upgrade)




Dylan Werner Yoga


$55 (3-hour class, All levels)


$600 (17 courses)

DDP Yoga



Man Flow Yoga


$14.97/month (Annual membership)

Yoga with Adrienne



#1 Yoga with Tim

Our first recommendation for online yoga is Tim Senesi’s youTube channel. Tim started the channel in 2018. Since then, Tim has grown a strong following of viewers with almost a million viewers enjoying his yoga workouts.

Tim was addicted to drugs and alcohol when he saw an 80-year-old yogi that could run a six-minute mile who stressed the importance of stretching and going upside down. His inspiration grew from there, and he believes yoga can change your life. 

Tim posts new free videos each Sunday. For those who want more advanced classes, then you could join the conscious movement community. You can also hang out with Tim, as he offers yoga retreats in breathtaking Bali. 

It’s also free to subscribe and get a video a day with Tim’s 30-day yoga challenge.

Credit: Yoga with Tim

#2 Sean Vigue Fitness

Sean believes that his exercises can improve focus, balance, control, strength, flexibility, posture, and breathing while reducing healing from injury. The international bestselling author wrote the book Power Yoga for Athletes in 2015. He believes yoga is the ideal cross-training exercise for male athletes. 

While promoting yoga, pilates, and bodyweight training for all athletes, his workouts have a masculine vibe, and he aims them at male gym-goers and power athletes. As well as yoga, there’s also a 16-day cardio training weight-loss program available. You can get free members-only videos by joining the community. 

Credit: Sean Vigue Facebook

#3 Yoga for BJJ

Yoga for BJJ does what it says on the tin. If you’re a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, then this channel can be an excellent supplementary option. If you are a grappler, you have a unique set of issues that can set you back. Yoga with BJJ addresses the specific set of problems, likely soreness, and injuries associated with BJJ and grappling. 

Yoga for BJJ has videos that concentrate on the hips, spine, quads, core, neck, and shoulders. The downside to yoga for BJJ is that there are fewer free resources. Access to the videos costs $21.99 per month with other pricing options.

Credit: Yoga for BJJ


Romwod stands for Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day. The classes are a form of yin yoga created by brothers Jeremiah and Daniel, along with their wives Tiffany and Shawna. 

Giving you access to over 1500 flexibility routines, the daily workouts help to increase range of motion.  They also optimize athletic performance while promoting recovery, healing, and 


You can get a 7-day free trial, after which the monthly subscription is $13.95. Or an affiliate subscription is $24.95.

Credit: Romwod & Chill Noah Olsen

#5 Dylan Werner Yoga

Dylan is an extreme sports fanatic who joined the US Marine Corps, serving as an aircraft firefighter and competing in the wrestling team. Dylan has been teaching yoga since 2011. The series covers beginners to advanced with a variety of styles, including Yin, Flexibility, Strength, and Vinyassa. 

Dylan is currently traveling the world while teaching yoga. He is teaching in Germany this year. But his retreats and intense courses are sold out for 2020. However, you can grab content online. His extreme beyond balance moves are inspirational.   

Dylan is part of Alo Moves, which is an international community of yoga instructors. To get access to a content library of over 2,500 workouts, the price is $20 a month or $199 for a year. You can try out the content for free for 14 days. 


#6 DoYogaWithMe 

DoYogaWithMe is a platform with an extensive library of yoga videos. David Procyshyn founded the site after he used yoga to overcome athletic injuries. Yoga has been life-changing for David and hopes that it will be for you as well. 

The refreshing aspect of this platform is the instructors are a little more real and less perfect. Instructors tend to be older with all kinds of body shapes. You can choose your class easily by adjusting the filters. Choose difficulty level, class length, yoga style, focus, and then choose your favorite teacher. 

You can also choose baby or kids yoga and yoga for pre and postnatal as well as labor and birth. 

Pricing for exclusive content is available for $10 per month. There are also yoga retreats available in Canada, Greece, the US, and Mexico.  

Credit: DoYogaWithMe

#7 DDP Yoga

DDP or the Diamond Dallas Page yoga is yoga with a difference. The founder Dallas Page is a semi-retired professional wrestler. Dallas has a two-decade long wrestling career competing in the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and the WWF (now the WWE).

Dallas has a series of DDPY for kids which are free. There are DDP workouts for ex-military personnel, which are 50% discounted. For other clients, you can pick a series of DVDs that also come with nutritional information, eating plans, and cooking demos. 

Credit: Wallpaper Cave

#8 Man Flow Yoga 

Man flow yoga is the brainchild of Dean Pohlman. He’s a certified E-RYT 200 yoga instructor and has designed the workouts specifically for men. Dean created the exercises with the input of physical therapists for back and spinal recovery. 

The plan uses Bikram yoga that Dean used to improve his flexibility and endurance. Dean attributes Bikram yoga to improving core strength, recovery time, flexibility, mobility, range of motion, body awareness, and breathing. He initially trained his lacrosse team and then went on to produce this series. 

You can get access to the workout library of over 300 workouts by signing up for the 7-day trial for $1. If you want to sign up for the plan on a monthly basis, it’s $29.97. If you’re going to buy the program annually, then it’s $199.97. Or $179.97 if you want to go ahead without the 7-day free trial. 

Credit: Order of Man

#9 Yoga with Adriene 

Adriene is an actress, entrepreneur, yoga teacher, and YouTube star.

The great thing about Yoga with Adriene is her library of more than 500 youTube videos that you can access for free. Consequently, Adrienne is somewhat of a YouTube phenomenon with an online community of over six million subscribers. 

You can also access paid courses, which start from $19.99. There are also courses with pricing options that ask you to ‘pay what feels good.’ 

All you need to do to access the free workouts is to sign up. This is one of the best free products on the net for the price of your email address!

Credit: Yoga with Adriene

We hope you enjoyed the list. 

By taking a few minutes per day to practice, yoga can dramatically improve your health and happiness.

If you’ve tried out some of our suggestions, please leave a comment below. Don’t forget to share the list for others.  

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